Those integrating the Quality Committee are key elements in the development of the centre quality programmes. Apart from their active participation in the specific duties of the committee, they work as dynamic agents of the centre quality management.


Position Name
President Francisco José Torres Pérez
Secretary Regina Ibáñez Paz
Quality Coordinator Regina Ibáñez Paz
Degree Coordination Xosé Manuel Pacho Blanco (Bachelor’s Degree in Law)
Belén Fernández Docampo (Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations)
Mª Antonia Arias Martínez (Master’s Degree in Advocacy)
Helena Martínez Hens (Master’s Degree in Minors)
Nora Martínez Yañez (Master’s Degree in Labour Management and Direction)
Academic Staff Marta García Mosquera
Esther Pillado González
Administrative and Service Staff Manuel Valcárcel Martínez
Representative of the Students Rafael Alejandro Ferreira Pardiñas (1st and 2nd cycle)
Karolina Laurencja Plaga (1st and 2nd cycle)
Mónica García Freiría (3rd cycle)
Representative of the Alumni Blanca Otero Otero
Representative of the society Raul E. Gómez Villaverde