All the infrastructures and equipment in the centre, indispensable and adequate for the development of the teaching in the faculty are included as material resources and services.

To this effect, the mechanisms developed to completely eliminate the architectural barriers in the Faculty have been prioritised. In this sense, the Faculty counts on facilities which completely meet the accessibility requirements established in the applicable regulation. In particular, there are parking spaces for disabled people, ramps to ease the access to the building from outside and interior ramps which ease the mobility among the different centre premises. The different floors in the building also count on the necessary elevators. To end up, there are conveniently prepared services to be used by disabled people.

The Dean Office is the responsible body for the regular review of the infrastructures and services associated to the centre, making sure that, as long as the budget enables to do, they are adequate for the teaching activities of the degrees.

The detection of material needs of the teaching and administration and service staff and students is carried out by focusing on the demands communicated either directly to the Dean teams, or through the corresponding complaints and suggestions mailboxes.

The complementary services, like the photocopy, cafeteria and canteen services, are provided by private companies hired following the public sector regulation.

Lastly, the Faculty of Legal and Labour Sciences implemented its own procedure for selecting material resources and application providers not-regulated by higher regulations.

Typology of the teaching-learning spaces and provision of infrastructures

Space Computer and Projector Capacity (Seats)
Lecture rooms: A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, A101, A102 Yes 93, 90, 72, 50, 72, 50, 110, 90, 122, 72, 50, 110, 90, 82, 51, 38
Classrooms: A201, A301, B301, C201, C301, D201, D301 Yes 24
Meeting room: A302, B202, B302, C202, C302, D202, D302 Yes 14

Other spaces

  • CONFERENCE ROOM: 154 seats, video projector, computer
    multipoint videoconference system
  • LECTURE ROOM WITH VIDEOCONFERENCE SYSTEM: 30 seats, video projector, computer
  • MEETING ROOM A205 (DEAN OFFICE): 16 seats.
  • STUDENTS DELEGATION D201: 30 seats, video projector, computer
  • OPEN ACCESS AREA TO IT EQUIPMENT: 90 seats, video projector, computer
  • Teaching staff Offices: 67
  • Administrative and Service Staff Offices: 8
  • Students Delegation Office: 1

Other facilities and services

  • Library in the Faculty Building
  • Photocopy service: service placed in the ground floor of the Faculty
  • Cafeteria and canteen service: service placed in the building
  • Parking service with spaces reserved for disabled people

Other teaching and learning resources

  • Wireless connection: all the classrooms in the faculty have been conveniently wired to facilitate the use of the students’ IT equipment, in addition to a wireless connection. All the University community members have access to this service via the password linked to their personal or university email account
  • Faculty web page: it is an essential working tool to keep students updated, on it you can find all the information regarding the studies in the centre
  • Online teaching resources: as a support to the teaching activity, the University of Vigo made available for teaching staff and students the platform FaiTIC with online resources for tele-training. In addition to this, from the Library web page is possible to access to different data bases which students can consult. All online teaching resources can be accessed from home, either because they are public or through the different access passwords and remote access